Scoring Criteria

Sentenashi Arts Kumite Principles

A technique with “Good Form” is said to have characteristics conferring probable effectiveness within the framework of traditional Karate concepts. Wa No Michi

 Sporting Attitudeis a component of good form and refers to a non-malicious attitude of great concentration obvious during delivery of the scoring technique. Shin

 Vigorous Applicationdefines the power and speed of the technique and the palpable will for it to succeed. Kime

 Zanshinis that criterion most often missed when a score is assessed. It is the state of continued commitment in which the contestant maintains awareness of the opponent’s potentiality to counter-attack. I.e.: He does not turn his face away during delivery of the technique, and remains facing the opponent afterwards. Zanshin

 Good Timingmeans delivering a technique when it will have the greatest potential effect. Hyoshi

 Correct Distancesimilarly means delivering a technique at the precise distance where it will have the greatest potential effect. Thus if the technique is delivered on an opponent who is rapidly moving away, the potential effect of that blow is reduced. Maai

“WKF” Kumite criteria needs to satisfy the Officials. Wado Jiyu Kumite criteria needs to satisfy your Examiners.


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