Titles & Positions

Sentenashi Arts Titles and Positions


One who Studies Karate

Martial Athlete

One who Studies & Practices Karate

Martial Artist

One who Studies, Practices & Trains Karate


One who Studies, Trains, Practices & Assists in the Dojo

Black Belt (Shodan)

Master of Basics

Sensei (Sen-Say)

One who has come before & embodies all of the above.

Koshi (Co-she)(Nidan)

Instructor who is dedicated to teaching.

Renshi (Ren-she)(Sandan)

Principle Instructor (Senior Trainer).

Kyoshi (Ki-o-she)(Yondan)

Advanced Teacher/Director.

Shihan (She-han)(Godan):

Chief Instructor, Master Teacher

Hanshi (Han-shi)(Rokudan)

a “teacher of teachers”.The “han” means an example, a model for the art. The “shi” that’s used in hanshi means (gentle)man, samurai, warrior, or scholar.

Soke (So-ak) (Hachidan)


Master (Judan)

One who has founded a martial arts Style or is acting on behalf of the founder


Awareness Recreation Tradition Sport

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Sentenashi Karate School is an approved Certified Educational Institution by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) 7009/12091.