Saturday, December 16th: Candy Cane Shiai

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Our annual Candy Cane Shiai will replace scheduled classes on Saturday, December 16th! This is a great opportunity to come and watch your karatigas in action. The white belts will be having a demonstration during their class time, with the yellow belts and higher participating in a friendly competition. This may be your karatigas first white belt demonstration, first time competing in kata, kumite, weapons, or even red and higher with refereeing! This is also a great opportunity for karatigas to try competition and qualify for grading. As well, one of the best opportunities to not only show the Sensei’s you are ready to go for grading, but your peers and self. We look forward to seeing everyone on December 16th for a day of fun, friendly competition, and learning. If you are interested in volunteering for refereeing or the table, please reach out to me before December. Tournament registration is due by DECEMBER 9th. Please see attached registration form. You/ your karatigas will also be given one in class.