Specialized Classes

(Ages 4+) Specialized classes for all ages and levels of experience. Classes structured to help students reach their goals, whether it be for awareness, recreation, traditional, or sport related.

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(pronounced kuːmɪˌteɪ) – In addition to their specialized class, students are encouraged to begin sparring in order to understand and apply their techniques to practical use through sparring. Open to Sentenashi students yellow belt or higher.

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The competitive stream of Sentenashi with the focus of success on the provincial, national and international competitive stages. Open to existing Sentenashi students 11+ years, Green belt or higher (or at the discretion of the Sensei) who have consciously made the decision that karate is “their sport of choice”.

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If your school, extracurricular program or business is looking for something unique and to bring a change of pace to your environment, Sentenashi Karate offers residency programs where we can introduce karate into your program or school.

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