4 Steps to secure a Sentenashi ARTS Position

1. Call headquarters at (403) 239-1160 to book your personal registration  appointment today and learn about your new dojo! Registration appointments are Saturdays exclusively unless a special arrangement has been made with the registrar.
2. At the time of your appointment; we will discuss details and goals, be able to meet the Sensei’s, view the facility, along with be properly sized for a gi (uniform). Students will be given a brief orientation at this time in order to become accustom and comfortable in their new dojo. 
3. Bring a method of payment for registration and first month’s tuition (cash, cheque, or e-transfer are the preferred and accepted methods). Along with this, we will need   void cheque or direct deposit information for monthly pre-authorized payments. These are set-up prior to the first class. 
4. Now you’re ready to start your Sentenashi ARTS journey!

 Students at Sentenashi Karate school will have their first class on a Saturday. For over 30 years, students have been starting their first class on a Saturday and this helps to ensure a positive and successful first experience as the class is designed to introduce the karatigas fully to Sentenashi Karate. Saturdays allow for students to be well rested and not rushed from school to able them to come to class 10 minutes early, receive help with their gi and belt and meet their new classmates and Sensei’s.

Start your journey NOW
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