Mission Statement

To PerseverewithIntegrityin theA.R.T.S.

(Awareness Recreation Tradition Sport)


One's personal safety should not be equated with one's ability to fight. If your perception of self-protection is fighting off an assailant, your intention will be directed towards learning physical techniques and therefore, your foundation will be misdirected. Success in self-protection is not in engagement but in avoidance. The ultimate victory in self-protection is when nothing perceptible happens! The philosophy of confrontation is avoidance. If it can't be prevented, avoid it; if it can't be avoided, defuse it; if it can't be defused, escape; if escape is not possible, then engage. Physical conflict for defense should be the last resort, not the first.


The healthy participation in fundamental techniques as accurately as possible taking into account each person’s limitations. Effort is directed towards not only physical techniques but also towards strengthening bodies and minds to the very best of our abilities.


Budo, the martial way of Japan, has its origins in the traditions of Bushido, the way of the warrior. This time-honored culture is comprised of Karatedo. Practitioners study skills, which strive to unify mind, technique and body, develop character, enhance one’s morality and cultivate a respectful and courteous demeanor. When practiced steadfastly, these admirable traits become intrinsic to the character of the practitioner. The Way serves as a path towards self-preservation. The compassionate human spirit one develops will then contribute to social prosperity and harmony, and ultimately, benefit not only oneself but those around them.


Realizing and fostering one’s athletic ability through the externalized expression of the spirit underlying Bushido. This includes winning with modesty, accepting defeat gracefully, and consistently exhibiting self-control and integrity, all while continually striving to reach one’s full martial potential.

Upcoming Events

December 9, 2017

Saturday, September 1st: Closed for Labour Day

What To Expect This Month

Make sure students pick up the Fall Newsletter when they are in the dojo this month! We will also be hosting our annual open house on Saturday, September 8th which takes place of regular scheduled classes. This is a great opportunity to come and take a look at what happens inside the dojo with not only your child, but all the ranks from white up until black belt!

Welcome to Sentenashi Academy.

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Sentenashi (School/Academy) Founder/Hanshi/Chief
Licensed WKF (World Karate Federation) International Coach
Karate Canada Junior National Team Coach
Karate Alber ta Head Coach

Sentenashi Karate School is an approved Certified Educational Institution by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) 7009/12091.