What is kumite?

Kumite is an integral part of a karatiga’s training. This is where students can put their karate techniques and tactics into practice while in a safe and fun environment. Karatiga’s yellow belt or higher are encouraged to incorporate sparring into their training. There is sparring equipment (shown below) that is required in order to begin kumite and ensure safety.

Welcome to kumite!

We are thrilled that you have decided to start kumite! Anyone involved already knows it’s a vital aspect of Sentenashi and one’s journey to black belt. In kumite class, students practice the fundamentals they learn in class against an opponent but in a realistic, controlled and safe environment. In the last few years, the kumite class has grown in size and popularity. This, in part, is why the dojo has slowly transitioned to WKF rules. The World Karate-Do Federation (WKF) rules allow judges to acknowledge points more frequently and cultivate a clearer understanding of the criteria required to score a point. These rules are recognized by the International Olympic Commission (IOC) and will be used at the Olympics for karate as well.

By and far, kumite is considered by many karatigas to be the most exciting aspect of karate. Instead of imaginary opponents, karatigas apply their punches, kicks, and blocks in a controlled match to further enhance their understanding of the application. As in all combative sports, success necessitates the integration of both mental and physical skills. There runs a risk when rules are not observed and precautions are not taken into consideration. With this in mind, all students will be required to have an understanding of the rules and full safety gear. These rules are fundamental to being able to maintain kumite as one of the most enjoyable facets of karate.

Beginner kumite players, regardless of belt rank use foam training gear. This is the most protective type. If, after training for some time, karatigas decide they want to compete at a provincial level, we will transition them into WKF approved gear. Foam gear is available in red, blue and black. Please see below for a list of equipment required for kumite along with prices and a sizing chart.

There is no extra charge for the weekly kumite class, instead we ask for only a loonie donation per class. Make sure to bring your kumite gear to all kumite classes and regular classes if the Sensei’s have mentioned it so you can benefit fully from kumite and all it has to offer.

Welcome to a whole new fun and enjoyable level in your training!

Head Gear $54.99

Hand Gear- $49.99

Shin Gear- $44.99

Foot Gear – $49.99

Optional Chest Protector – $69.99


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