Dear Kumite players and parents

We are thrilled that you have decided to start kumite! Anyone involved already knows it’s a vital aspect of Sentenashi. Students practice the fundamentals they learn in class against an opponent in a realistic, but controlled and safe environment. In the last few years, the kumite class has grown in size and popularity. This, in part, is why the dojo has slowly transitioned to WKF rules. The World Karate-Do Federation (WKF) rules allow judges to acknowledge points more frequently and cultivate a clearer understanding of the criteria required to score a point. These rules are recognized by the International Olympic Commission (IOC) and will be used when karate is admitted into the Olympics.

By and far, kumite is considered by many karatigas to be the most exciting aspect of karate. Instead of imaginary opponents, karatigas apply their punches, kicks, and blocks in a controlled match to further enhance their understanding of the application. As in all combative sports, success necessitates the integration of both mental and physical skills. There runs a risk when rules are not observed and precautions are not taken into consideration. With this in mind, all students will be required to have an understanding of the rules and full safety gear. These are fundamental to maintaining kumite as one of the most enjoyable facets of karate.

Beginner kumite players, regardless of belt rank use foam training gear. This is the most protective type. If, after training for some time, karatigas decide they want to compete at a provincial level, we will transition them into WKF approved gear. Foam gear is available in red, blue and black.  Please see below for a list of equipment required for kumite along with prices and a sizing chart.

With safety as our main priority, we require all kumite players to have the additional sports insurance coverage provided by your annual Karate Alberta Association (KAA) membership. The KAA membership is a minimal fee of $25 per year (Jan-Dec) for Kyu belts (colored belts). Therefore, we are asking that you fill out the attached application and hand it in with your gear order form and payment. There is no extra charge (Only a Loonie Donation per class) for the weekly kumite class and this annual membership to the KAA will provide the additional sports insurance coverage needed for your kumite training.

Welcome to a whole new fun and enjoyable level in your training!

Sensei Ethan Strohbach
NCCP Coach/ Provincial Champion/ Canadian National Team Member

Sensei D. Strohbach
Sentenashi Arts (School/Academy) Founder/ Hanshi/ Chief Instructor
CSI (Canadian Sport Institute) ACD (Advanced Coaching Diploma)

I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
–  Lao Tzu  –

Necessary Gear and prices

head Head Gear $54.99

hand Hand Gear- $49.99

shin  Shin Gear- $44.99

Foot Gear – $49.99


Optional Chest Protector – $69.99

  • Elbow Pads – $19.99
  • Mouth Guard and case – $9.99
  • Gear Bag – $19.99
  • For males cup and support – $19.99



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